We provide Industry Leading Services in Automation, enabling your business to develop an Automation Center of Excellence with process assessment, modeling, and prioritization. We augment your teams’ capabilities with bots to accelerate and scale RPA adoption and development.

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Finance and

The Financial services industry is undergoing unprecedented changes driven by current economic situation, regulations, transformational changes in AI. To thrive in the complex and competitive financial market, financial services firms need products and services that work for 21st century customers. Scale your digital efforts and deliver the financial services of tomorrow with qBotica’ s products, solutions and our robust partner ecosystem.

Energy Sector

The energy sector is changing. There’s a shift in energy supply, competitive back-office oprocesses energy consumption and process volumes, energy organizations are increasingly investing in RPA technology. Some of the processes such as meter management, account management, customer billing, and consumption management are all done independently and thru outdates processes. To meet the rising energy consumption and process volumes, energy organizations are increasingly investing in RPA technology.


The Insurance industry is continuously evolving, with customer experience emerging as a key differentiator across channels, product coverage and pricing. There are other regulatory and compliance challenges as well which demands constant innovation

Government/Public Sector

Automation is transforming the way in which Governments and Public sector agencies are able to engage directly and deliver services and benefits. There is a need for public services to reach seamlessly, uniformly and in a cost-efficient manner by eliminating the traditionally involved steps in making such services available to all seamlessly.


The Health care system is undergoing a major shift with challenges from aging population, reduced investments, regulatory controls, downward cost pressure. Organizations are required to formulate their business transformation initiatives with an automation centric digital transformation strategy