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Maximize Contact Center Automation

for Enhanced Efficiency and Customer Experience

Ever wondered how contact center automation can enhance your customer experiences? We can help understand the potential of automation that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to get insights into your customer’s journey. Discover how call center automation gives you optimal visibility while making every customer interaction efficient. 

Contact Center Automation

Why Choose qBotica’s Contact Center Automation?

We can help you empower your customers with self-service options, scale customer service automation with AI-powered solutions, and create customer experiences while expanding your clientele. 

Achieve customer experience automation that reduces costs, and manual labor, and helps in developing better client experiences that drive customer loyalty!

Ways qBotica Helps You Streamline Customer Service Automation


Lower Cost

Promotes seamless communication between customers and the service department to reduce expenses and ensure cost-effectiveness. With qBotica Call Center Automation service, you can achieve cost efficiency while integrating AI-powered automation into your customer service solutions.

Real Estate and Mortgage Automation

Data-driven Contact Center Automation

Revolutionizes customer service processes from relying on manual methods to adopting intelligent, data-driven solutions that optimize client experiences.

Empowering Agents

Streamlines processes to empower call center agents, enabling them to enhance customer experiences and provide the right guidance within a short time. All while constantly upskilling agents by reducing the manual work, which can be done quickly through the integration of self-service procedures.

Automating decision making

AI-powered Data Solutions

AI-powered automation solutions help with the consolidation of data and customer insights into a centralized location that helps with quicker and smoother decision-making.


Average handling time (AHT) reduction


Reduction in customer call volume


Performance increase

Complexities in Call Centers and How Our Solutions Can Help You Deal with Them

A call center is a service provider that helps customers and potential users of your product or service to get their queries answered. Companies invest in helpdesk solutions, call routing, and agent services to enhance customer experiences, which drive their sales revenue and goodwill. 

Our services ensure that customers can make their purchase decisions with ease, have a clear understanding of the company, and can get knowledge that is not available through other sources. However, call centers and customer service solutions can pose various challenges for companies.

These can include contact center complexity, not developing an understanding of the customer expectations, and failure to answer what the user wants to hear.

qBotica’s call center Automation solutions can:

  • Accelerate business value while optimizing efficiency
  • Streamline processes to enhance customer experiences
  • Provide AI insights into every customer interaction
  • Help with rapid value creation while boosting revenue
  • Generate cost efficiency
  • Help with delivering personalized and extraordinary customer services
  • Leverage technology and AI solutions to improve customer loyalty
  • Track and follow up on customer data and latest trends
  • Integrate call center systems to empower agents helping them deliver better
Call center automation

Our contact center AI solutions can help businesses save time, money, and resources required for customer service processes while optimizing their revenue, enhancing goodwill, and helping them reach a prominent market position.

Learn more about how qBotica can help you with your customer experience automation needs.

Contact Center Automation

That’s where qBotica comes in. We take the robot out of your call center agents.

qBotica is a robotic process automation (RPA) solutions provider for call center automation. Our RPA solutions provide you with customer support automation, which leads to streamlined processes in call centers to deliver better and reduce errors during communication with customers.

Call Center Transformation with Intelligent Automation Systems

Watch the qBotica webinar related to Building your Automation Agenda: DIY or as a Service” to understand how automation can be used at a service by call centers to optimize workflows and streamline customer interactions while offering better and quicker support that enhances user experiences.

Contact Center Automation

Revolutionizing the Customer Experience Services of Your Business

qBotica has demonstrated its innovative offerings taking the lead in building extraordinary customer experiences. We offer various call center services that integrate a technological aspect to your customer experience solutions to improve customer satisfaction and enhance the performance of your business.

Our Solution's Include

AI Automation Services

Self- Service Option

Contact Center Automation Empowerment for Agents

Agent Access Services

We help businesses revolutionize their customer service areas with contact center automation to generate efficiency and cost benefits.

Contact Center Automation in Action – Leveraging Tech to Build on Optimal Customer Experiences

Scaling Up Self-service Options

With AI-powered automation and advanced customer service tools, you can divert calls, emails, service tickets, and queries to where they can be resolved within a quick time. Make services always available and quicker to access to ensure a swift service.

Optimize Customer Loyalty and Overall Satisfaction

Use automation to deliver phenomenal customer experiences, empower agents, streamline processes, and ensure efficiency. All this is possible while controlling costs to ensure cost efficiency that drives savings and profitability for your business.

Streamlining Processes with Contact Center AI Solutions

Use AI to understand customer interactions and get valuable insights throughout a customer experience journey for assessing contact center performance, reducing costs, and focusing on value creation. Automate the contact center operations such as information and technology, voice for customers, and human resources.

Empowering Agents to Curate Personalized Customer Experiences

Using the insights customer service automation provides, agents can be equipped to forgo the robotic way of communicating with customers and follow a more personalized approach for optimal satisfaction.

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How qBotica Can Help You

qBotica is a leading service provider that uses advanced artificial intelligence and automation to help you create a call center automation system that works according to your business dynamics. You can streamline customer communication processes, integrate self-service options with your existing system, and improve customer experiences. 

Automation helps with better data insights and storage, and bridges the gap between inefficient customer relationship management (CRM) systems and other business processes, along with better human-robot collaborations that aid with better decision-making. qBotica can help you drive down costs, generate efficiency, and create smoother call center systems that cater to all functional aspects of a business. Take advantage of AI and tech advancements to create call center automation systems that work for your business with qBotica.

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Latest Case Studies and Customer Success Stories


 A call center automation solution offers several benefits, including 

  • increased operational efficiency 
  • reduced costs 
  • improved agent productivity 
  • enhanced customer satisfaction 
  • the ability to handle a higher volume of inquiries with fewer resources

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 With customer support automation, many tasks can be automated such as 

  • call routing 
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems 
  • chatbots 
  • email management 
  • ticket routing,
  • data entry 
  • reporting 

Yes. At qBotica, we offer seamless integration with popular CRM systems for the exchange of data between platforms. This provides agents with comprehensive customer information and context during interactions.

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The implementation time varies depending on the scope and scale of the project. However, we aim to deliver fast and efficient results using our agile methodology and cloud-based platform. We can typically launch a bot within weeks or months.