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We’re on a mission to enable your organization to
become automation and future ready

We’re on a mission to enable your organization to become automation and future ready


We fill our team with exceptional talent – intelligent, kind people –
and give them the tools and room to innovate and grow. We believe in being bold, deep and kind with the smartest people in the industry.


Mahesh Vinayagam

CEO and Founder


Bejoe Mathew

Chief Strategy Officer

Dominic Bartola

Dominic Bartola

Chief Marketing Officer


Prashanth Krishnamoorthy (PK)

Chief Growth Officer


Huw Williams

VP, Industries


Manu Paul



Vidyasagar C

AVP, Operations


Murali Sathya

EVP & Global Head of Sales


Russel Alfeche

Technology Lead, RPA and AI


Tricia D'souza

Global HR Manager


A successful culture is not run by one person or a team,
it is shared by every member of the company.

company ethos

A successful culture is not run by one person or a team,
it is shared by every member of the company.


We are a team of innovators pushing the envelope on automation. We try to find out-of-the-box solutions for our customers and envision what others can’t.


Being fearless and trying new things is critical to exploring new frontiers in technology. We seek out opportunities to be bold and brave with ourselves and others.


We are smart workers, choosing to work with intelligence and speed over long hours and eventual burnout. Our depth of experience helps us build capabilities quickly adapt and overcome challenges and obstacles.


Our kindness and understanding stems from our strong leadership and confidence in our abilities. We show empathy in our relationships and work hard to maintain a diverse, inclusive culture that emotionally intelligent.


The right team for your project

Join Our Winning Team


Our team is growing and accepting the smartest and boldest talent.

  • We provide all employees with the industry leading benefits and pay
  • We work virtually and passionate about keeping in touch
  • We ensure opportunities for growth and maintain strong values of diversity and inclusion

qBotica is a champion of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

At qBotica, we welcome individuals who share our passion for making a positive impact, regardless of their location or background. We prioritize education on diversity and inclusion within our team, foster open discussions around racial and social justice issues, and actively participate in supporting our local communities through volunteering and board membership.

diversity 1

Diversity at qBotica

“Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords at qBotica, they are the foundation of our success. By embracing and celebrating our differences, we are able to create a culture of innovation and creativity that drives our business forward. We believe that by cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace, we can not only better serve our customers, but also positively impact the communities we operate in.” – Mahesh Vinayagam, CEO of qBotica.

diversity 2

Women's Reboot Program:

This initiative aims to attract and retain more women in technology by providing a supportive environment for women who have taken a break from their careers to pursue other interests. The program provides training, mentoring, and networking opportunities to help women re-enter the workforce and thrive in the technology industry.

Diversity and
Inclusion Training

qBotica provides regular training and workshops for all employees to educate them on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. These sessions cover topics such as unconscious bias, microaggressions, and cultural sensitivity to help employees create an inclusive and respectful work environment.
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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs):

ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that promote diversity and inclusion within qBotica. These groups provide a safe space for employees to connect, share their experiences, and provide support to one another.

Diverse Hiring Practices

qBotica is committed to building a diverse workforce, and this initiative focuses on implementing hiring practices that promote diversity and inclusion. This includes using job descriptions and interview processes that are inclusive of all backgrounds, sourcing candidates from a variety of channels, and ensuring that diverse hiring panels are involved in the selection process. Additionally, qBotica offers internships and apprenticeships to underrepresented groups to provide them with opportunities to gain experience in the technology industry.