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Robotic Process Automation and AI: The Ultimate Solution for Automating Your Business

Give your team

more Freedom

Through Intelligent Automation as a Service

Let the bots do the work for you while you focus on what truly matters. qBotica’s robotic process automation and AI solutions can help you and your business by automating rule-based tasks. So, leave the hard work to the bots and let your creative and critical skills flow freely.


Your Partner in building an intelligent automation ecosystem to deliver best-in-class performance for your enterprise.
qBotica is a leading and award-winning intelligent Automation-as-a-Service provider & a UiPath Platinum Certified Business Partner  building highly innovative, adaptable, and scalable automation ecosystems for our customers.

We deliver unparalleled business value to large enterprises through our document intelligence platform, powered by qBotica’s proprietary technology and seamless bidirectional integration with UiPath.

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Do More With Less Effort

A Forbes study says that data scientists spend about 80% completing tasks related to data processing, including collecting, cleaning, and organizing information. That leaves them with only 20% of their time available to analyze it.

Furthermore, the same study says that 76% of data scientists believe that data preparation is the most tedious aspect of their job. After all, data processing can be draining and monotonous.

Imagine if you could automate this process entirely, freeing up your time and resources to focus on the tasks that matter most for your business!

Now you can do that and more with RPA.

Our robotic process automation and AI solutions can help you complete more tasks with less effort. Let qBotica’s bots take care of the repetitive, rule-based, and error-prone processes that slow down your business and drain your resources.

How RPA and AI Works and Why You Need It

Robotic Process Automation and AI solutions imply the utilization of technology to perform repetitive or monotonous tasks. You can then utilize software, bots, or AI-powered algorithms to use the apps and programs that are vital to your business and perform tasks such as entering data or calculating costs, among several other uses.

RPA is typically combined with AI and machine learning, making it easier for businesses to adapt it to their specific context.

Reduce Costs

And let your employees focus on more critical tasks for your business by having bots working for you 24/7.

Speed Up The Processing Time

And work together with qBotica’s bots to execute and complete tasks faster. Our professional services in automation can help you complete a larger volume of tasks in less time.

Improve Your Efficiency

And offer a higher rate of customer satisfaction by being able to complete orders faster than ever.

Prioritize Developing Breakthroughs

And start transforming your business into a competitive force in your industry.

Transform Your Document Workflows with DoqumentAI

qBotica has developed DoqumentAI, an exclusive intelligent AI-driven document processing tool designed to help you automate the process of extracting data from documents and images. With it, you’ll be able to:

    • Accurately capture the data from any document layout. No rules or templates needed – get the tool straight to work and expect it to learn from each document it processes, improving over time.

    • Rapidly deploy and integrate it with your existing document workflows and business operations in a matter of days.

    • Access intelligent insights and discover each document’s processing paint points, capture workflows, and detect fraud in real time.

    • Access Generative AI tools with document processing to maximize intelligent document processing benefits

Whatever your needs are, DoqumentAI is here to help you streamline your document management, save time and money, and unlock the value of your data.

Contact us today to try out DoqumentAI and see the difference for yourself.



Automation Cube is qBotica’s Automation-as-a-Service, offered through a strategic partnership with the RPA Industry Leader, UiPath.

qBotica’s Automation Cube is our exclusive managed service solution for your enterprise to harness the exponential power of intelligent automation. This service includes UiPath Product Licensing and Infrastructure combined with End-to-End Delivery, Process Execution, and Support services for all your automation needs.

Automation Solutions for Any Industry

At qBotica, we have developed intelligent automation-based services to help businesses reduce their workload, increase their productivity and continue driving innovation.

Our business process automation solutions are available for various industries, including the following:

No matter what sector you operate in, qBotica can help you automate your business processes with ease and excellence. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your enterprise with intelligent automation.


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Qbotica X Uipath: Innovate With Automation

Uipath Partner Platinum Logo

qBotica works together with UiPath, the leading platform for enterprise automation, to deliver customized and scalable RPA solutions for your business needs.

Whether you want to automate your accounting, customer service, human resources, or any other process, we can help you design, implement, and manage your RPA projects with the help of our Automation Cube.

Our Automation Cube is a service we offer to help your business use RPA to complete data-related processes faster and better. This service includes access to UiPath, allowing you to create and run automation programs for different tasks.

We’ll help you with everything: planning, building, running, and even fixing your automation programs. You don’t have to worry about anything – we’ll take care of everything.


Intelligent and powerful document processing rapidly captures data, reduces errors, and prevents fraud. 

Easy Setup

Easy setup, quick start

No Maintainance

No maintenance

High Scalability

High scalability

Best-in-class intelligent document processing designed to

  • scale with you;
  • deliver the highest business value;
  • adapt to your technology ecosystem.


“Get Freedom from manual, tedious, repetitive, back-office work” through our document intelligence platform, DoqumentAI.

UiPath Platinum Partner has the vision to deliver a fully automated Enterprise, one where companies use automation to unlock their greatest potential. In support of that vision, qBotica’s unique Automation Cube managed services offering helps your enterprise automate and leverage the UiPath end-to-end automation platform with its full suite of capabilities. The goal of this partnership is to enable every organization to rapidly scale digital business operations with easy, full-service implementation with qBotica. qBotica is a UiPath Platinum Partner and is UiPath Professional Services certified. Our associates are trained and certified in the entire UiPath Suite, including Process Mining, Document Understanding, AI Center, Action Center, Orchestrator, and Insights.
qBotica x UiPath


Uipath Announcement

Managed Services with UiPath Announcement

UiPath and qBotica have partnered together to offer enterprises Managed Service Provider solutions to accelerate intelligent automation as a service.
Featured Diamond Partnership

Featured Diamond Partnership Announcement

qBotica was named a Featured Diamond Certified Partner of UiPath, and now able to offer organizations in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Front Office enhanced services and solutions.
Automation In Healthcare

Watch our recent Webinar on Automation in Healthcare

Watch the latest webinar on Intelligent Automation and how it is transforming healthcare organizations so that they can focus on cost reduction and improved patient outcomes.
Webinar On Automation In Healthcare

Automation in Healthcare Whitepaper

Download our latest Whitepaper that focuses on how RPA and Intelligent Automation is Nursing Healthcare back to health with automated solutions and services.

Professional Service Automation

qBotica is an award-winning provider of RPA solutions. After being present for over eight years in the market, we have earned the trust and satisfaction of our clients across various industries and regions. We have also established strong partnerships with leading automation platforms and vendors to deliver the best value and service to our customers.

Our company is a UiPath Platinum Diamond partner, which allows us to take pride in our high level of expertise in delivering UiPath automation platform solutions.

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