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How qBotica implemented RPA solutions in 4 Markets to enable a Global Energy Company to gain 95% time savings.


A publicly traded and leading wind turbine company sought to transform their finance branch, including:

    • Setting up the systems and infrastructure and implementing use cases on the new product​
    • Automating their Accounts Payable on a global scale to eliminate manual work and cut costs​


qBotica delivered an Invoice Processing Automation as a SAAS offering.

Our IDP Solution, DoqumentAI connected to various ingestion sources from the customer including email box and downloads the invoice documents and other attachments.

The IDP Solution classifier discarded non-invoices and extracts relevant information from Invoices and launches ERP systems and performs rule based matching against the business processes.

This solution was deployed in different markets like US, Mexico,Turkey,India and China.

All the work happened within qBotica’s cloud and the customer gets notified about the processing results.

QBotica Implemented RPA Solutions



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