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Polaris Transportation Group

Utilizing Intelligent Automation To Transform Complex Processes in Logistics

A prominent transport and logistics company in North America, is at the forefront of logistics innovation with the support of qBotica’s Intelligent Automation platform. Watch the video to discover more about Polaris’ experience with our intelligent automation solution and the benefits it has brought to their operations. 

Enabling automated quotation requests in logistics for greater efficiency.
"qBotica's customer-centric approach, which combines best-in-class humans in the loop with a cloud-based delivery of a sophisticated machine learning platform, helped us scale delivery of pricing quotations at an astronomical speed with a potential to increase revenues for Polaris Transport while significantly reducing costs of operations. We are now able to deploy the staff onto other critical initiatives that were shelved for years, a true win-win for all.“
Dave Brajkovich
CTO, Polaris Transportation Group and NorthStar Digital Solutions

Automating complex manual processes and quotation requests in logistics

Polaris Transportation, a prominent transportation and logistics company in North America, plays a crucial role in the supply chain for numerous businesses. Renowned for its reliable scheduled delivery service across the Canada/USA border, Polaris prioritizes convenience, coverage, pricing, and transit times to cater to its customers’ unique requirements.

To further enhance its core manual processes, Polaris implemented Intelligent Automation, an innovative solution developed by NorthStar Digital Solutions, powered by qBotica’s intelligent automation platform, DoqumentAI. With this state-of-the-art technology, Polaris was able to automate their intricate manual processes, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. 

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Automated process:
Extract the valuable content from the emails, like shipment details, tracking numbers, source and destination addresses, and much more.
Automate Quote Generation using AI and Automation
  • 90% reduction in shipment errors
  • 500+ quotations processed daily
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