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How qBotica enabled a top financial services company to reduce their cost and increase time savings by over 90 percent


A top financial services company sought to digitally transform their company, by simplifying and streamlining their processes through automation:​​

    • Implementing automated data translation on a global scale​
    • Automating creation of Bank Statements for the Western Union Digital Bank
    • Generation of eReceipts for Global Transactions


qBotica managed the program through its RPA as a Service initiative, by developing all the use cases using its proprietary DoqumentAI platform as the base solution.

DoqumentAI powered the critical translation of compliance documents automatically globally across countries

DoqumentAI helps generate eStatements and eReceipts by integrating with data platforms such as Snowflake and MuleSoft ESB to automatically match the document layouts against the source data to seamlessly generate the Statements and receipts for customers around the world for WU

financial case study


> 90%​
Cost and Time Savings
< 2 Days
Translated Document Turnabround vs. Two weeks
< 6 WKS
Devloping and rolling out end to end statement generation solution