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How qBotica is using Snowflake to power customers like Polaris Transport and build their Intelligent Document Processing platform


As the realm of logistics and supply chain management undergoes rapid changes, inventive tech solutions have emerged as key game-changers, elevating efficacy and competitive prowess. One such mover-and-shaker is qBotica, leading from the front with smart automation. Their revolutionary platform, DoqumentAI, serves as a case in point for how technology can massively reshape logistics.

Their noteworthy alliance with Polaris Transportation Group – a major player in North American transport and logistic circles – stands out in particular. This article delves deep into how qBotica’s intelligent use of Snowflake’s functionalities has revolutionized Polaris Transport’s operations – showcasing the significant influence their Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform commands when it comes to reshaping complex logistical procedures.

The Challenge Faced by Polaris Transportation

Polaris Transportation Group, a significant player in the North American freight and logistics industry, found itself wrestling with an issue all too familiar in the industry landscape: tangled web of hands-on procedures.

Even though they carry quite a reputation for their dependable distribution services, especially across the Canada-USA border, Polaris was caught up juggling time-intensive duties. Think managing vast volumes of shipment details; keeping tabs on tracking digits; dealing with requests for price estimates – each one demanding meticulous manual attention.

These labor-intensive procedures weren’t just draining hours but were also vulnerability hotspots where slip-ups could sneak in – reducing overall productivity and leaving customers wanting more from their service experience.

It was abundantly clear that a striking solution to streamline operations, decrease slip-ups, and boost productivity was urgently required. The objective was unambiguous: adapt their operational proficiency to keep stride with the dynamic and rapidly changing requirements of the logistics and transportation sector while not losing sight of the top-notch service quality that had always been their distinctive trait.

qBotica’s Solution – Intelligent Automation with DoqumentAI

In response to Polaris Transportation’s obstacle, qBotica launched its state-of-the-art DoqumentAI – a smart automation platform set to transform conventional logistics operations. With machine learning and complex algorithms at play, DoqumentAI stands as an elegant tool that brings intricate manual tasks under the reigns of automation. Primarily, for Polaris, it aimed to iron out the kinks in processing quotation requests – a task previously mired in inefficiency due to its manual nature.

DoqumentAI’s approach was two-pronged: starting with extracting mission-critical information from emails like specifics about shipments, tracking IDs, and ‘from’ & ‘to’ addresses. This automation reduced substantially both the time taken and the efforts spent on manually parsing through and arranging this data. Then came phase two: using its intelligent processing capabilities, the software converted these extracted raw data into well-structured, presentable quotations, all set to be sent to requestors.

The welcoming of DoqumentAI into Polaris’s workings sparked a pivotal move from hands-on, high-effort strategies to streamlined, tech-infused methods. This shift not only revved up the pace and precision of quotation handling but also freed the Polaris crew to pivot their attention toward other key projects that had been sidelined due to resource constraints.

The Role of Snowflake in qBotica’s Platform

Snowflake, a pioneering solution in the world of cloud data warehousing, truly ups the ante on qBotica’s platform capabilities — specifically its DoqumentAI system. Thanks to Snowflake’s engineered framework, large datasets can be stored, processed, and analyzed with commendable efficiency.

The incorporation of Snowflake enables qBotica to deftly cruise through huge volumes of Polaris Transportation data, including transactional specifics, shipment-related information, and all customer interactions— achieving this at an unprecedented pace and efficacy.

Enhancing Data Security and Scalability

One of Snowflake’s key features that benefit qBotica is its sturdy approach towards data safety combined with scalability. In light of the logistics sector’s delicate dataset attributes necessitating absolute security coupled with compliance factors — it is absolutely significant. Stepping up to this need comes easy for Snowflake—their offering spans across comprehensive security facets such as encrypted secure-data storage paired seamlessly with secure-data transfer protocols—which stand crucial to maintain Polaris’s data confidentiality unabridged.

Facilitating Advanced Data Analytics

Snowflake’s robust analytics engine enables qBotica to mine useful insights from Polaris’ data resources. These insights are critical for fine-tuning logistical operations, spotting trends in freight & delivery metrics, and facilitating data-driven decision-making. The brisk pace of analysis empowers the ongoing refinement of intelligent automation processes so that the solutions qBotica rolls out stay ahead of the tech curve.

Streamlining Data Integration and Accessibility

One more significant perk Snowflake brings aboard qBotica’s toolkit is its knack for unruffled data amalgamation from diverse sources. For a logistic company like Polaris, reams of varying format data come pouring in through different channels. Snowflake simplifies this complexity by offering a consolidated platform for corralling disparate datasets, thus simplifying DoqumentAI’s access and efficient management of this profound data spectrum.

Transformative Results for Polaris Transportation

Polaris Transportation observed remarkable changes with the application of qBotica’s DoqumentAI, bolstered by the sturdy data-handling abilities of Snowflake. These impacts mirror not only the high-end tech flair of qBotica’s solution but also ring in considerable upgrades to Polaris’ operations.

Drastic Reduction in Shipment Errors

Top on the hit list is a whopping 90% reduction in shipment blunders! Primarily ascribed to heightened precision during data dealing and processing, courtesy of DoqumentAI, it became a game-changer for Polaris. As details extraction pertaining to shipments and other prime factors went auto-mode, human error-induced troubles were shaved off significantly, ensuring greater reliability and virtually flawless processes.

Increased Efficiency in Quotation Processing

By automating quote requests, Polaris achieved a notable jump in operational productivity. With the company now churning out over 500 quotes each day courtesy of DoqumentAI, it’s seen a vivid surge in its capability to handle consumer inquiries – and all with greater speed. This efficiency boost doesn’t just enhance reply times but also empowers Polaris to juggle larger transaction numbers without having to utilize extra resources.

Operational Cost Cutbacks

The smart automation brought into play by qBotica had some serious monetary benefits, too – slashing operational expenses head-on for Polaris. By substituting laborious manual tasks with automated processes, human resources could be shuffled around by Polaris towards more critical zones — this led to optimum workforce leverage while trimming overhead costs linked up with hand-operated data admin work.


The joint venture between Polaris Transportation Group and qBotica is a shining example of how intelligent automation, powered by Snowflake, can bring about sweeping changes in logistics and supply chain management.

Not only has this alliance revamped Polaris’s operations through remarkable boosts in precision and efficiency, but it also unfolds the larger picture about the industry-wide impact of such tech strides. As firms scramble to make sense of today’s complex marketscape, utilizing smart automation solutions like DoqumentAI isn’t an indulgence anymore – it’s par for success and lasting business health.

For those interested in exploring how qBotica’s innovative solutions can benefit their operations, visiting qBotica’s website provides an excellent starting point to embark on a journey toward digital transformation and operational excellence.