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State Of California
Department Of Motor Vehicles

Qbotica Team
State Of California Department Of Motor Vehicles


Volume: CA DMV processes around 50,000 MCP renewals per year, this process is completely paper based and technicians manually key in every single renewal into the DMV systems, for a technician it takes around 20 minutes to process each application.
Data Quality: Applications are handwritten that creates data quality issues, manual data entry into DMV system causes data errors

Process automated with 10% business exceptions
0 %
Faster Processing
0 %


Implement a Digital solution, enable self service option with digital forms helps avoid data quality issues, and automate data entry process for DMV systems enabling faster processing.

  • Digital Form
  • Validation Bot
  • MCP Bot
  • Quickweb Bot
  • Bank Settlement Process
Qbotica Team

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