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Identify Documents with
Intelligent Optical Character


Intelligent optical character recognition in the insurance industry may entail classifying the documents that make up a claim. An email about an insurance claim can include a typical printed form, a handwritten letter, or a picture of a damaged motorcycle. qBotica and DoqumentAI has the ability to create an AI model that can analyze any human message and determine its intended use. The software can then automate a response to the request or direct it to the appropriate department based on that intent.

Scanning, categorizing, and extracting important information from printed and digital documents is a regular operation in many commercial contexts. Intelligent optical character recognition might entail automatically classifying documents associated with a potential client during the preparatory stage for financial auditors, for instance. In this phase, an auditor has a small amount of time to assess a possibility, so automatically classifying unstructured data steps up efficiency when time is crucial.