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Intelligent Document Explorer

An intuitive document explorer for all document-centric processes, that helps you find, organize, and process
all your documents without any hassle.

A powerful and intuitive document explorer that puts you in the driver's seat. Search, filter, query and categorize documents to find anything you need to know.

Intelligent Document Explorer provides a solution to reduce the time & effort spent on finding & analyzing data within documents. IDE aims to make the work seamless. A simple yet powerful interface that streamlines all your document- related processes. From understanding trends to filtering essential information, IDE helps you get the most out of your documents.
Intelligent Document Explorer is an one-stop solution for anyone who has to work with many documents. Besides being a document explorer, IDE helps you categorize your documents based on requirements and turn them into knowledge. IDE also provides an intelligent search capability that allows you to find any document instantly. With dashboard and analytics, intelligent matching records with keywords and a new way of searching for files inside a pile of documents.
Base Models
Document exploration
Search through all your documents in one place, with cognitive search capability.
Save time and effort
Save time by finding the right document in a pile of documents faster with the integral query & filters options.
Loop verification
Actionable Insights
Unique features like dashboard and analytics to make informed decisions quicker than ever before.
Transparent AI Components
Eliminate the guesswork
Quickly find your document before opening it with our document list view. You’ll never have to guess again if the document is what you’re looking for.

Intelligent Document Explorer

Search Faster

Document Search and Management

Land at the right document at the right place with ease.

Cognitive Search

Document Search and Management

Get to the insights instantly using AI powered Search engine

Seamless And Smart

Query & Filters

Launch your own document search engine in just a few effortless steps!

Enterprise Work flow

Enterprise Workflows

Connect to external tools and automate document tasks

Intelligent Web Crawler

Intelligent Web Crawler

Gather millions of data attributes by crawling simple to dynamic web pages.

Reporting And Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Intelligent, user-friendly dashboard to take your data to the next level



Intake the documents at scale from the external world seamlessly.

Document Discovery made simple with Botminds IDE

Ready to go solution for all the documents present at the enterprise level. Botminds IDE enables users to find documents, files, and information in a few clicks. Intelligent Document Explorer (IDE) is an end-to-end knowledge management system that empowers users to search, organize, analyze and re-use documents in one place.