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What is an Automation Center of Excellence?

Automation is the future. Deploying automation for businesses is a first step towards garnering success. Having an Automation Center of Excellence is the second The words ‘Automation center of excellence’ are fairly new in the game. But CoE’s have been around for a while and are as essential as automation itself. While the varied advantages of automations have been widely discussed, the advantages of CoE’s are on par. To break down what it means, it is a team of experts that work behind the scenes. Automation processes are custom made as per the business needs and the center of excellence plays a key role in designing the automation tech that integrates into the business.

What does a CoE do?

While automation brings a host of benefits to businesses, the implementation, smooth running and upgradation of that process is managed by the CoE. The CoE team consists of many people including, but not limited to, business analysts, RPA developers, IT engineers, solution architects, and managers. While IT and CoE are usually different teams, it is ideal for them to work in tandem right from the start. The CoE makes sure the automation process is smoothly integrated into existing business models. From there on it monitors growth, manages upgrades and scalability of the automation process.

Implementing automation is not a one-time procedure. It takes constant improvement to get the automation process up and running. The CoE ensures that the integrated automation process is analysed and constantly adjusted to suit the business needs. A CoE team can foresee issues before they arise and accelerate the overall automation process. Major examples are seen in the banking, insurance and health sectors. These are all very different industries and business models. Hence, a CoE ensures the correct and smooth implementation of the automation process as per the industry.
Does my business need a CoE?

The size or nature of the business does not matter. Whatever is the nature of the automation and whatever is the stage of implementation, a CoE always helps. A large business might have more moving pieces and more layers of complexities. The CoE in this case can act as a core central team. This will help smoothen integration and education across all other departments. They can ensure healthy communication in between various business units and make sure the entire company understands automation. A small business, on the other hand, will need correct and resourceful implementation that can set them up for success in the future. A CoE can predict their future scalability requirements and help them set up efficiently right from the start.

Automation technologies are growing at a rapid rate. We are seeing their implementation across businesses of every size. One can no longer ignore their potential. Keeping that in mind, whether it is a first time adoption or an upgrade, a small business or a large enterprise, every business can benefit from an automation Center of Excellence. A CoE can ensure long term success and resourcefulness by leveraging automation processes to their full extent. The CoE is a team of excellent humans working behind the scenes, that is enabling software bots to do their work better. The new CEO’s are the CoE’s.

Every successful business has a good CEO behind it. Every successful automated business has an amazing CoE behind it.