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Leveraging Automation to Enhance Agent Productivity in Contact Centers

The operations of a contact center are centered on enhancing customer experience and effectively resolving issues to achieve customer satisfaction. As the competition intensifies in the contact center industry, businesses are pressed more than ever to meet the rising customer expectations for more personalized services.

However, the increasing workload compounded by stress can affect call center agents’ productivity and cause burnout, making it increasingly difficult for contact centers to enhance customer experience.

Since agents are the face of the contact center, their satisfaction, morale, and productivity are critical for the success of the business. By using automation, contact centers can make the agents’ jobs easier, reduce the risk of errors, streamline their operations, and improve overall customer experience.

This article explores how automation can help enhance contact center agent productivity. Let’s have a look!

The Increasing Trend of Automation in Contact Centers

The shift towards automation in contact centers has become increasingly popular as it allows the business to streamline multiple tasks like routing calls, offering automated answers to questions frequently asked, and decreasing the waiting time in lines.

Automation can take over routine tasks and enable the agents to focus on more complex tasks, making their workload more manageable. Automation may also help reduce the need for training, as the agents need not be well-versed in every aspect and can rely on automated services for some tasks.

From the business perspective, speedy interactions with customers can help reduce the average cost per contact, while the quick resolution of issues can increase customer satisfaction, thereby increasing brand loyalty.

This is why we see many contact centers making the shift and incorporating automation in their services to improve their performance, as a result making their workforce happy and achieving more success.

How Can Automation Help Improve Agent Productivity in Contact Centers

If you are wondering how to leverage automation to boost the agents’ productivity in your contact center, here are a few ways.

Automating Routine Tasks and Customer Queries

Contact center agents must perform multiple routine tasks in their usual work day. However, performing repetitive mundane tasks regularly can be taxing. To alleviate this, businesses can deploy agent-assist software that offers automation and is viable in the face of changing business needs.

You need a solution that can collect customer input and offer pre-defined responses or actions based on the stipulated work process flow. This kind of automation service can be used by contact center agents to help customers come in with common issues in an efficient manner and reduce the time it takes to resolve the issue. It will also reduce errors and help you ensure the information in the business tools is up-to-date.

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Using Self-Service Channels

Another way contact center productivity can be improved is by diverting customers to other channels. Contact centers can deploy automated services on external platforms to prompt customers to perform self-service. While some customers may prefer to talk to human agents, there are many who prefer to resolve common issues or inquiries on their own, as they do not like to wait in line. This reduces the work volume for agents and increases their productivity, as they no longer feel overburdened by the piling work.

By incorporating automation, the contact center can create a seamless experience in every engagement channel, remove hurdles, and eliminate problems that customers may commonly encounter. This helps the business save time and effort and improve customer satisfaction, thereby taking the load off the agents.

This also gives the agents free time to tackle more important issues, interact with multiple customers simultaneously, and respond to emails and chats during idle time to be more productive.

Providing Agents with Relevant Information

In conventional systems, agents usually have to sift through multiple channels, send out emails to relevant stakeholders and go through various resources to find answers. By deploying automation in the form of an AI-powered knowledge base, the contact center can equip its agents with the relevant information in a timely manner to help them resolve customer query easily and quickly.

Effective Workforce Planning and Management

One of the most significant challenges for contact centers is forecasting work volume for any given duration, as fluctuations are unpredictable. However, market insights, historical data, and other such information can help the business assess the expected work volume.

It is crucial to have a sufficient number of agents to handle incoming interactions. Workforce management through Generative AI can help the contact center optimize staff scheduling and reduce the time required to assign shifts while ensuring the workload is managed efficiently. This makes workforce management easier and more proficient.

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Improving Agent Satisfaction

Contact center agents are required to stay positive and suppress negative emotions even during tense or continuous customer calls, regardless of the circumstances. The constant stress compounded by heavy workloads and work-life imbalance can be draining and may take a toll on the agents and affect their productivity.

Automation can help reduce agents’ workload and enable them to offer standard responses for common queries, reducing the need to be attentive all the time. This can have a significantly positive impact on employee satisfaction and improve their productivity, thereby boosting their morale and encouraging them to perform even better.

Empower Your Contact Center Agents with Automation to Boost Productivity

Automation can boost contact center agents’ engagement and productivity by channeling redundant routine tasks and customer calls and freeing them to focus on more pertinent work aspects. The agents can then leverage their capabilities and creativity to focus on resolving more complex matters and addressing customer issues that require empathy or advanced problem-solving.

Hence automation can enable agents to offer customers a seamless experience and handle requests efficiently without compromising quality. In addition, it can enable the management to improve communication, drive collaboration and redefine agent roles.

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