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HFS Research names qBotica as Hot Vendor

qBotica has again reiterated its goal of helping enterprises reimagine efficiency through
Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) by automating volunteer servicing and innovating the
tutoring session delivery for a national reading program VELLO, a unit of Valley of the Sun United
Way in Phoenix. The solutions qBotica help implement enhances the volunteer experiences of the
people working with the non-profit through their VELLO® volunteer program as well as automate the
tutoring session set up and delivery.

qBotica, Inc is a leading global provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Enterprise AI
services, offering solutions to small, medium and Fortune 500 enterprises. The technology solutions
provider partners with several leading RPA, OCR and ML vendors such as Automation Anywhere,
KofaxUiPathBluePrismEdgeverveAbbyy, Antworks, RapidMiner and new partner HyperScience.
Valley of the Sun United Way is a non-profit that is poised with putting an end to poverty by working
with select communities and empowering them to develop their own action plans. The VELLO®
program is a 1-on-1 online tutoring program that makes volunteering easy, connecting passionate
professionals with kids in their community to collaborate on reading growth in real-time. The
organization also connects volunteers to their passions while uniting donors who want to create

In a similar vein, the organization partnered with qBotica to deliver a state-of-the-art solution that
will enhance engagement with its volunteers. “As a non-profit, we have to find innovative methods
to scale volunteer engagement and community impact. VELLO® is a virtual tutoring program that
uses technology to connect volunteers with students for instant 1:1 reading support through a web-
based meeting software.  qBotica helped us make the web-meeting process more efficient for
teachers and volunteers, thus helping us scale the number of students we can impact.  It is incredible
to see the potential for impacting the community when we maximize technology” says Reid
DeSpiegelaere, National Director of VELLO®.

qBotica’s own AI-driven Chatbot utilizes Zendesk and IBM Watson to enhance volunteer experiences
when looking up support in their volunteer portal. The VELLO® Automation allows volunteers to
have a conversation with the VELLO® Bot, making it easy to troubleshoot and receive answers on
common questions.   The solution also features an option for children to be automatically connected
to their volunteering sessions without the need for teacher interference. qBotica CEO Mahesh
Vinayagam mentions “Our goal is to reimagine the Future of Efficiency through automation, so our
clients use the time and money saved to change the world. Some might argue it is quite ambitious
but in VELLO®’s case it is true.” Meeting automation alone brings significant value-enhancing the
overall experience and making teacher’s time-efficient letting them focus on what is important like
grading and teaching than troubleshooting. The solution from qBotica will make it even easier for
volunteers to contribute to the betterment of society as they get fast and accurate solutions to their

According to Elena Christopher, Senior Vice President of Research at HFS Research, “The automation market is at a tipping point. Loads of enterprises have made some level of investment in RPA and other technologies…Enterprises need partners that can help them get past the initial implementation to achieve actual value. Its work with the United Way that exemplifies this commitment to enabling value creation and its multi-tech volunteer-focused use case exemplifies how emerging technologies can be combined to deliver rich user experiences.”

Over the years, qBotica has been working with leading clients across Banking, Distribution, CPG, Manufacturing and Healthcare to provide focused solutions using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  qBotica was recently selected as a Hot Vendor by HFS Research.

For more information about qBotica and the solutions offered, please visit – qbotica.com. qBotica is also available across several social media platforms, including LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter